Software Projects (selected projects)


More projects and more information in the embedded document below:

EFQ (MS Excel)

Multi-lingual EN/DU/FR and multi-country Quoting Tool for the Kronos Efficient product. Implementation estimation engine based on questions and parameters. Creation of T&M or Fixed Price Quotes. Output of filled in Statement of Work, contracts and several other documents in 3 languages through MS Word automation followed by output to PDF (before Office 2007).

CLC (MS Access)

Multi-user application for the day to day management of a dermatology clinic using 12 different medical techniques. Includes the incorporation of 48,000  MS Word documents into a JET database. Developed to easily upsize to MS SQL.

BMRBM (MS Access)

Data cleanup and reorganization of existing MS access database plus multi-user I/O applications with installations for the Belgian Cystic Fibrosis Register.
Medical statistics and automated Yearly Report through automation of MS Word. Sold to WIV including IP for Belgium.

Taxonlan (MS Access)

Multiple applications for the Taxonomy of Nematodes and Mycidacea finalized with a generic Taxonlan version. Back-end migrated to SQL server 2006. Output of statistics through ActiveX automation and search & tree of life
visualisation over the web using XML and XSLT for the Tree of Life and SVG for the vectorized drawings.